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With over two decades of experience leading dynamic tech and growth teams, Anders and Christian found themselves drawn to the power of personality assessments and coaching for optimizing team dynamics.

Their journey revealed impressive outcomes: increased productivity, enhanced well-being, better retention, and improved profitability. These remarkable results not only added tangible value but also sparked personal growth and infused greater happiness into everyone's lives.

Nevertheless, challenges presented themselves to both Christian and Anders. Dealing with fragmented data, unclear returns on investment, and high costs, coaching struggled to extend its reach company-wide. Traditional tests lacked accuracy in today's digital age, and ensuring consistency while scaling the initiative with multiple coaches proved tricky.

These challenges prompted a thought-provoking question: Why hadn't coaching achieved true democratization? Could it be the complexity of technology or the industry's reliance on traditional revenue models within the existing ecosystem?.

These ponderings ignited a shared determination to redefine the landscape. Thus, Humani was born – an answer that leverages technology for accessible, timely, and personalized (100% digital) coaching. The overarching vision is to bridge individuals and businesses across boundaries, fostering global unity and understanding, all while empowering people to nurture enriched relationships within themselves and their communities.