Abigail Phillips

Head of Science

Abigail is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and holds a PhD in Personality Psychology. With over a decade of experience spanning both academic research and commercial practice, her sweet spot is working on problems at the intersection of business strategy and psychological and behavioural science. Abigail strongly believes that a company’s success is ultimately dictated by its people - and is passionate about designing innovative solutions that enable both people and organisations to thrive.

Wouter Walmink

Head of Product

Wouter is relentlessly driven to create solid solutions to complex problems. As a co-founder, researcher and designer, He’s ventured across many disciplines to build anything from dermatology apps for patients to designs tools for consumers. Bringing in 15 years of academic curiosity and entrepreneurial agility, today his obsession at Humani is to build software that truly helps people connect, collaborate, and develop themselves deeper.

Christian Sejersen

CTO and Co-Founder

Christian Sejersen, a visionary Co-founder and CTO at Humani, leads with a relentless passion for transforming human connections through innovative technology. With a diverse background spanning leadership roles in renowned companies, including LEO Innovation Lab, Nokia & Mozilla, Christian is driven by a mission to bridge the gap between technology and meaningful experiences. His journey is marked by a dedication to enriching lives and shaping a future where every interaction resonates with genuine human connection.

Anders Mayntzhusen

CEO and Co-Founder

Anders, CEO of Humani, brings over 15 years of expertise in business growth and organizational development, with a particular emphasis on startups, scale-ups, and the tech industry. His unwavering passion lies in addressing the prominent people challenges faced in today's dynamic work environment, which often lead to low productivity and employee turnover. He firmly believes that fostering improved communication and cultivating strong relationships are the keys to meaningful and sustainable change, shaping the future of work.

Vijai Pandey


Vijai Pandey is an accomplished business psychologist and HR Consultant with over 17 years of experience applying psychology and technology to address Human Resource challenges. He has worked extensively across India, Europe, and the Middle East in talent identification, development, and engagement. Vijai works at the cross section of technology and psychology having a master degree in psychology and being a self-taught software architect.

Mik Strøyberg


Founder and former CEO of Lemon Squeeze & Good Monday. Proven track record and spent last 18 years building & scaling high growth companies, through commercial excellence, brand awareness & product marketing across Europe and US.

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